Father Christmas at Palazzo Martini

And outdoor Christmas Markets

18. November - 24. December 2017



Father Christmas is coming to Mezzocorona again this year!

The Magic of Christmas has taken over Palazzo Martini. The entire building is under its spell: inside, strange creatures are wandering about... and rumour has it that elves, fairies and fabulous dragons have turned the historic palazzo into a magical place ahead of Father Christmas's arrival.
Step into the great book of dreams and cast the spell of Christmas on a world half dream, half real.

  • Fun: Let’s explore the Castle, The train’s in... we’re off (Palazzo Martini)
  • Workshops: Creative Woodwork, Fairy Tales and Art Workshops, Discover the Enchanted Little World (Palazzo Martini)
  • Nativity scenes: on opening days 10-12 am, 2-7 pm (Piazza della Cooperazione)
  • Christmas markets: every Saturday and Sunday and 8th December, 10 am-7 pm (Piazza della Chiesa and Parco De Barbieri)
  • Christmas concert “A Sparkling Christmas”: 21st December, 8.45 pm with the Piccole Colonne Choir (Piazza della Chiesa)
  • Children's theatre “Santa’s helpers, Barter and Alabaster”: 24th December, 3 pm (Cassa Rurale Auditorium)
  • Guided tour “Discover Palazzo Martini”: every Sunday during opening period and 8th December, 5 pm (Palazzo Martini)
  • Art exhibition “Claudio Pedron, Sculptures”: 18th-19th, 25th-26th November, 2nd-3rd December (Palazzo della Vicinia)
  • Art exhibition “Paintings by Gloriano Orvieto and Giuliano Lunelli”: 8th-10th, 16th-17th, 23rd-24th December (Palazzo della Vicinia)

Opening times:

  • 18. November (opening ceremony): 5-7 pm
  • November: 19., 25.-26.
  • December: 2.-3., 8.-9.-10., 16.-17., 23.-24.
  • Timetables: 10 am-7 pm


Palazzo Martini
Via Dante, 4 - Mezzocorona (TN)


Fee: € 2.50 (workshops included)
Free entry: under 2 + with Trentino Guest Card

Tel. +39 0461 603097
Tel. +39 333 5278287

For further information about workshops:
Tel. +39 0461 608182 (monday-friday)

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