The cultivation of vines typifies this area, which has all the characteristics required to make it one of the most important for the production of wine grapes. The valley soil is unique due to the presence of minerals brought down by the Noce and Avisio rivers over the centuries, while the sunny hillsides have the ideal climate and soil conditions to infuse the grapes with precious aromas.
These factors have contributed to the centuries-old wine-making tradition and, in more recent times, to the establishment of numerous wineries and distilleries, which, despite the relatively small size of the area, now number more than forty, all focussed on high quality and many of them family run.

The undisputed star of the Trentino wine industry, Teroldego Rotaliano DOC is the prince of Trentino wines.  It is made from an autochthonous grape variety, which acquires its very best qualities in the soils of the Piana Rotaliana. In fact, the soil, formed by the alluvial deposits of the river Noce, and its position, which is particularly sunny in the summer, are essential factors in shaping the wine’s characteristics. The history of this variety and its bond with the Piana Rotaliana is lost in the mists of time, but that won't stop us enjoying a glass and a unique taste that has evolved season after season.  Unique, not just among Italian wines but also among wines from around the world, for the extraordinary richness of its taste and aromas, it is deep ruby red in colour with purplish tones.  With its refined, concentrated taste, rich in aromatic flavours, and characteristic, pleasantly fruity aroma, this wine is ideal for laying down and can be matured for up to ten years.
The traditional, professional approach to cultivation and vinification in the area has won acclaim for this grape variety, so much so that in 1971 Teroldego Rotaliano was awarded controlled denomination of origin (DOC) certification, the first in Trentino.

Pinot Grigio
The Pinot Grigio grape gives a wine which is at its best when drunk young, when its delicacy is sustained by elegant body. The German term Rülander is usually used to refer to a wine obtained after letting the must remain briefly in contact with the skins. This vinifcation technique gives the wine a delicate coppery colour, referred  to as ramato in Italian (ramo means copper).
Pinot Grigio goes well with a variety of dishes and should be opened immediately before drinking and served not too chilled.