Tourist tax

What is it?

Piana Rotaliana

According to the provisions of Provincial Law no. 8/2002, article 16 bis, stays from 1st November 2015 will be charged a tourist tax.


The tourist tax is an amount that must be paid per person per night at the accommodation facilities for stays from 1 to 10 nights in addition to the price of the holiday booked.


  • 1,50 € per person per night: hotels, B&Bs, farmhouses, private rooms, holiday homes and apartments, flat rentals, holiday houses and refuges with hotel service
  • 1,00 € per person per night: campsites


  • Children under the age of 14;
  • Those undergoing treatment at public and accredited private hospitals which have agreements with the national health service in the province;
  • Those accompanying patients hospitalised in public and accredited private hospitals which have agreements with the national health service in the province, up to a limit of one accompanying person per patient;
  • Civil defence workers and members of the police, armed forces and fire brigade if they are staying at the accommodation facilities in order to carry out their duties;
  • Applicants for international protection, unaccompanied foreign children and the victims of trafficking temporarily housed at the accommodation facilities;
  • Those staying at the accommodation facilities following measures adopted by the public authorities to deal with emergencies following disasters or events of an extraordinary nature.


The tourist tax must be paid at the accommodation facilities before departure.
Ask your hotel/farmhouse/B&B/... for further information.



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