Suspension Bridge

Adrenaline-pumping experience

The Suspension Bridge on Monte di Mezzocorona, located at an altitude of 920 m, is another thrilling attraction for adventure and adrenaline enthusiasts.

This suspended trail, consisting of a 123-meter-long steel cable bridge, provides you with the opportunity to cross the picturesque Val della Villa and test your adventurous spirit, challenging any fear of heights. At its central point, you'll have about 130 meters of emptiness beneath your feet!

The attraction is perfect to share with friends or family: overcoming the fear of heights will be a unique experience!

Ponte sospeso Monte di Mezzocorona - ph  Alessandro Bettega


How to reach it:

Ascend to Monte di Mezzocorona using the convenient cable caror on foot through the marked SAT 500 path (a panoramic route of medium to high difficulty). The suspended bridge can then be reached in just a 20-minute walk from the cable car arrival point, following a path marked with white and red signs.