Ai Piani - Mezzolombardo

A peaceful place, amidst meadows, beeches, and chestnuts.

The locality of Ai Piani is situated on the road that leads from Mezzolombardo to Fai della Paganella (SP64).

It can be reached by car or on foot starting from the village of Mezzolombardo. Proceeding north, once you've passed the sports field, you ascend the mountain passing under the tunnel. From here, it's a 20-minute uphill walk to reach Ai Piani.

In this tranquil and secluded spot, there are two large portions of grass where you can spend an afternoon with friends and family surrounded by greenery, nestled among beech and historic chestnut trees. There are several benches and tables where you can rest and eat. Additionally, near the parking area, there's a wooden fountain with drinkable water.

Following the path on the right, you'll arrive at the locality "ai orti" where there's a well-structured fire pit with lighting, water, and a shelter. The fire pit can be booked by everyone by filling out the form on the Mezzolombardo Municipality website.

Also, in the first grass area, there are 4 fire pits, smaller and less structured, but ideal for barbecues with friends, for which it's always necessary to make a reservation through the Mezzolombardo Municipality website.

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Ai Piani - Mezzolombardo