Incontri Rotaliani 2023

Teroldego and Etna Wines

"Incontri Rotaliani" is a biennial event aimed at promoting the Piana Rotaliana region as an excellent location for wine production, particularly for Teroldego Rotaliano, the local red wine considered the prince of Trentino wines.

The initiative is characterized by the meeting with other renowned Italian or foreign wine regions, through the interactions with winemakers, producers, organizations and experts from various disciplines. The encounter between territories and stories that are apparently distant from each other but which in reality have many points to discuss. A two-day event open to everyone: from specialists and wine enthusiasts to those simply curious.

Incontri Rotaliani 2021 - Teroldego e vini di Rioja | Ph. Filippo Frizzera


On the 5th and 6th of November 2023, the Piana Rotaliana will meet Etna

Following Burgundy and Rioja, this third edition will feature Etna as the guest region, a highly esteemed and internationally renowned wine-producing area in Sicily. This presents a unique opportunity for an exciting exchange between "mountain" viticultures and territories.

Mezzolombardo, Mezzocorona, and San Michele all'Adige (known as the "Campo Rotaliano") will host two days filled with meetings, guided tastings, tasting sessions with producers and live experiences. This unique occasion offers a chance to discover the distinctive aspects of the viticultural culture of the Piana Rotaliana and the third guest region.

Incontri Rotaliani 2021 - Teroldego e vini di Rioja | Ph. Filippo Frizzera


The event

The two mornings are dedicated to wine talks and conferences, while the afternoons will feature masterclasses and walk-around tastings:

Walk around tasting

The walk-around tastings of Teroldego wines and grappas consist of tasting points where local wineries and distilleries offer samples of the finest expressions of this native Trentino grape variety. This will be an opportunity for direct interaction and comparison with the producers of the Piana Rotaliana and the producers from Mount Etna. You'll be able to enjoy over 50 labels served directly by the producers in an evocative atmosphere. These moments will be accompanied by tastings from some local food producers and a mixology station with grappa-based cocktails.


The scheduled guided tastings are dedicated to those who want to discover the specificities of wine production in the Piana Rotaliana region and Etna region. The six scheduled tastings (five dedicated to wine and one to grappa) will be conducted by wine professionals.

Talks e Conferences

The conferences and wine talks on the agenda bring together a team of high-level speakers: producers, professors and experts from various disciplines ready to talk about topics of great interest – not only for wine professionals. The goal is to establish a dialogue between two distant territories that actually share several points for comparison.

Program and details coming soon!

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