Flan with Asparagus

(Flan di Trentingrana con Asparagi)


Thinly peel the lower part of the asparagus stalks and trim a small piece off the ends where they have been cut. Wash thoroughly.

Place upright in a pan tall enough to hold the asparagus, add hot salted water to about three-quarters of their length (don’t cover the tips!). Cover with a cloth and cook for approximately 30 minutes. When the tips become flaccid, remove from the heat and drain.

Meanwhile, make the roux by mixing together the flour and butter; add the egg yolks and milk and mix until smooth. Pour into a basin or a mould and sprinkle the Trentino Grana cheese on the top. Place the basin in a baking tray and pour water into the tray around the basin. Bake at 1600 for 25 minutes and garnish the flan with the asparagus.