Teroldego Rotaliano DOC

The Prince of Trentino wines, documents attest to its presence in the Piana Rotaliana since 1300, while in the 16th century it acquired international fame through the Council of Trento (1545-1563).

Today, it is the red wine that most epitomises our province: the first varietal wine in Trentino to be given DOC status with the name “Rotaliano” (1971), and undisputed pride of the local wine industry.

Tradition has it that the 'Terodol' vine arrived in Trentino in very distant times along with the mulberry tree (used for centuries to support the vines), brought here by migrant populations drawn by the impetuous flow of the Adige river and the fertility of the land in the valley bottom. The mild and favourable climate provided the right environment for the vine to flourish and over time it has become an indigenous Trentino variety.

Having aroused considerable interest from discerning consumers, Teroldego vines are now on the increase. 

  • Colour: A deep, rich, dark, vivid red with intensely silky garnet reflections, intriguing.
  • Aroma: Fragrances of ripe fruit, intense and variegated, recalling wild blackberry, blueberry and raspberry, with the classic exclusive hint of earth, black truffle and leather, especially in the Teroldegos selected for ageing.
  • Taste: As subtle as it is powerful, pleasantness and concentration in splendid balance, yielding a complex range of flavours that recall the specific balmy fragrances of this variety, with a solid, compact structure and highly satisfying on the finish.
  • Food matches: If still young - the latest vintage - it is suitable for drinking on joyous occasions with rustic foods, local salamis, soups or starters. If suitably aged, it is excellent for banquets with game, roasted meats or very mature cheeses from mountain pastures. It is also an exquisite nectar for special celebrations, to be sipped as a meditation wine.
  • Serving temperature: 16 - 18 °C when young​​​.


Credits: Palazzo Roccabruna - Provincial Wine Bar

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Teroldego Rotaliano DOC