“Our wines are the result of our work, made of passion and dedication which have been our trademark for 70 years. They are the fruit of the deep connection with our land: Trentino”.

Monfort Winery boasts a wine-making heritage that dates back to 1945. The winery, based in Lavis and now run by the family of Lorenzo Simoni, has a history that stretches back four generations.

It uses only Trentino grapes, grown through integrated production systems with respect for natural balance, to make its wines. For many years, it has worked to enhance the quality of its own vineyards to obtain elegant, well-structured wines with a particular focus on the production of wines typical of our region.

Over time, the winery grew until, given the network of houses around it, the only way to expand was by going underground. The result is a real-life caveau: a wine cellar like this, in the very centre of town, is something that has to be seen to be believed. A little treasure chest, just waiting for you to open it.




Monfort Brut Trento Doc
Monfort Rosè Brut Trento Doc
Monfort Riserva Brut Trento Doc


“Corylus” Nosiola Vigneti Delle Dolomiti
Trentino Pinot Nero Doc
Trentino Lagrein Doc


Trentino Chardonnay Doc
Blanc De Sers (Veltliner, Veltliner Rosso, Nosiola)
Blanc De Sers Brut Nature Metodo Classico (Valderbara, Vernaza, Nosiola)
Trentino Pinot Grigio Doc
Pinot Grigio Igt Vigneti Delle Dolomiti Ramato (Rose)
Trentino Müller Thurgau Doc
Trentino Gewürztraminer Doc


San Lorenzo Igt Vigneti Delle Dolomiti
Teroldego Rotaliano Doc


Monfort Giallo Igt Vigneti  Delle Dolomiti

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