Winemakers since the mid-1900s, this family, thanks to the experience of Father Luigi and the in-depth studies and preparation of their children, in recent years has dedicated its energies to the production of Trentodoc in the Brut, Rosè and Riserva versions.

The cellar was built in a cave dug into the rock that during the First World War was a bomb shelter. Today it offers an environment that, in addition to being particularly suitable for the creation of this type of wine, is fascinating and evocative in the eyes of those who enter it. 

The family has always been the most important element for the Cantina Ress, for this reason the Brut Rosè Maria Rosa and the Emilio reserve bear the names of those in the family who have played an important role and have been very loved. Find out who the two characters are with a visit to the company!

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