Zanini Luigi

Azienda Agricola

Since 1968, the Zanini Luigi winery has been zealously tending its vineyards in Mezzolombardo in the heart of the Piana Rotaliana in order to produce some of the region’s finest wines.

The unique conditions in the “Campo Rotaliano” – a gravelly terrain formed by the floodwaters of the River Noce and under the influence of a microclimate created by the surrounding rock faces –  ensure the very best qualities in all the wines the Zaninis produce.

Oscar and Andrea, sons of founder Luigi Zanini, guarantee the authenticity of their wines. Decisions based on experience and a painstaking pursuit of quality are a firm guarantee to all those wine lovers who hold in high regard the Azienda Agricola Zanini Luigi, one of Trentino’s longstanding top wine producers. Luigi Zanini’s heirs work zealously, attentive to local traditions, to maintain the high reputation of their wines and to bring each year to their discerning customers many enjoyable surprises.

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