Le Delizie

Pasta factory

The fragrance and flavor typical of handmade pasta, made only with the best ingredients, combined with the richness of the first choice fillings, are the secret of the Pastificio Le Delizie.

Behind the unparalleled authenticity of the products, there is the careful work of specialized master pasta makers who, thanks to patient work, experience and great passion, make you rediscover the flavors of good food.

The Pastificio Le Delizie is managed by Pietro and Lino Gamboni and by Mauro Pisoni, and sees the perfect combination of decades of experience in pasta preparation and culinary art.

Mauro's professionalism comes from thirty years of experience in the production of fresh pasta. Chef Pietro uses his professionalism in the kitchen in the search for quality and particularity of the ingredients used in the preparation of egg pasta, fillings and traditional gastronomy. And finally, Lino, always courteous to our customers, deals with the sale of the fresh products of the Pastificio, always offering a new product, advice, a recipe in a familiar and welcoming atmosphere.

You can find all the products of the Pastificio Le Delizie in the store of Corso Mazzini in the centre of Mezzolombardo.

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