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The area comprising the Piana Rotaliana Königsberg is situated in the green Adige valley, halfway between Trento and Bolzano. It consists of a vast vineyard stretching from the river to the foothills, bounded to the east and west by majestic mountains.

Its location on the borders between the Mediterranean and Germanic lands and along important lines of communication, has, over the centuries, made the area an important meeting place of cultures. Remains of these lines of communication are still visible today and they are also reflected in the current layout of the settlements that have grown up around their river, the Adige, which flows through the plain from north to south.

A closer look at the overall picture of the Piana Rotaliana reveals many fascinating details:

  • sunny vineyards irrigated by the many water courses of Mezzocorona that flow through them;
  • the gentle hills of Lavis;
  • the steep, rocky mountains towering over Zambana;
  • the town of San Michele all’Adige spread out along the bank of the river
  • the green expanses of the mountain above Mezzolombardo;
  • the agricultural landscapes of Nave S. Rocco;
  • the grapevines that reach right up to the woodlands around Faedo;
  • the mountain at Roveré della Luna which separates Trentino from South Tyrol
  • the elegant palaces.

The landscape of the Piana Rotaliana Königsberg is also the setting for a harmonious meeting of culture and fine food and wines. The gentle flow of the river sets the pace for a leisurely enjoyment of the local specialities.

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