A thriving centre with enjoyable perspectives and monuments of note

Lavis is an important municipality in Trentino, which has developed around the river Avisio, from which it gets its name.

The original nucleus of the town, built around narrow streets known as "Pristoi" in the lee of the 'Paion' hill, has gradually expanded towards the Brenner trunk road and beyond it into the agricultural plain to the west. Despite this expansion, the old town has lost nothing of its charm, and picturesque streets and noteworthy monuments continue to fascinate. One such monument is the atmospheric Ciucioi Garden, with its picturesque romantic ruins rising above the valley.  

The town's rapid economic expansion and population growth were due to its strategic position on the banks of the river Avisio, between the Adige Valley and the Valle di Cembra.

Today Lavis is a thriving centre for business and the service industries, although its largest production sector is vine-growing and wine- making. The rolling hills on either side of the river Avisio are where the grapes are grown, while the whole area is dotted with large and small wineries.

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