Eredi di Cobelli Aldo


The Eredi di Cobelli Aldo wine estate lies on the green slopes of Monte Corona in Sorni di Lavis. Great-great-grandfather Giuseppe arrived in the heart of Trentino at the end of the 1800s and chose Maso Panizza di Sopra to nurture our family's dreams.

Several generations have succeeded him in tending the vineyards, handing down by word of mouth a culture of respect for the terroir, aware that humans cannot live without the earth, but the earth can live happily without humans. The Eredi di Cobelli Aldo winery is constantly evolving, and just like our wine we aim to be a “barrel of ideas” in constant ferment. The vineyard, the land, the work in the winery, every single bottle are a page in the Cobelli family’s dream.

Eredi di Cobelli Aldo came into being after old Aldo’s sudden death at the start of a grape harvest.

  • Devis Cobelli: agricultural technician by training (graduate of the Agricultural Institute of San Michele all'Adige), he mainly takes care of - and has a passion for - the commercial and “convivial” part;
  • Tiziano Cobelli: the family winemaker, who, as can be easily guessed, in addition to the agricultural side manages the practical and bureaucratic aspects of the wines;
  • Ivano Cobelli: wine technician who studied at the Agricultural Institute of San Michele all'Adige and as the youngest of the company brings a daily dose of innovation and vitality and an upbeat outlook.

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