“The interests of agriculture are intimately bound up with the broadest spheres of human life. There is practically no field of human endeavour that does not relate to agriculture in some way” (Rudolf Steiner)

Here at the Foradori Estate, over time and with observation we have perfected our knowledge of nature’s rhythms and cycles: every season brings us new things, every day new awareness and understanding. We have learned to listen in order to attune to the subtle differences in nature and to safeguard the authentic character of the grapes, which reflects the terroir. In this way, our agricultural endeavours are elevated to the level of creativity and every morning we wake up knowing we have the freedom to work in tune with the message the land is giving us at that moment. We work amidst the mountains, cultivating mainly:

  • Teroldego and Pinot Grigio in the alluvial soils of the Campo Rotaliano
  • Nosiola and Manzoni Bianco on the clayey limestone hills of Cognola

We harvest grapes from 28 hectares of vineyards - 70% planted with Teroldego, 20% Manzoni Bianco, 5% Nosiola and 5% Pinot Grigio - to produce an average of 160,000 bottles every year: 50,000 bottles of Foradori, 25,000 Fontanasanta Manzoni Bianco, 25,000 Lezèr, 20,000 Granato, 12,000 from each of the Sgarzon and Morei vineyards, 10,000 Fontanasanta Nosiola and 10,000 Fuoripista Pinot Grigio.

Foradori has been Demeter and ICEA certified since 2009.

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